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12/09/2016, 19:21:34
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The best way to conquer the search engines and reveal the truth of Prem Rawat is to do multiple clicking on the relevant pages, each of us should be able to manage a few minutes doing that each day? Also on the images , some of them are linked to prem rawat bio page, the one with him in a marigold mala for example. He obviously has some diligent premies on the task. About 10 years ago i was asked to click multiple times on his preferred pages as a 'service' , these days that just looks too much like manipulation to put out an email to premies to foil ex premie .org.
Probably too many defected after finding out more than they wanted to know by accident as well. ( I was told not to go there and read anything as that was adding to ex premie clicks. maharaji has enemies they said, disgruntled ex premies who's lives didn't work out the way they wanted and they blamed maharaji, they said.... hmmmmm
So I imagine he has some stalwarts doing this 'service'. It would be nice to see that ugly pic of him grinning in his mala in the first few images again, and click on the link to take it to the bio page as well to get him off his perch.
I will be doing this today for some fun.....maybe save a soul in the process! Happy Christmas!

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