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12/05/2016, 18:41:40
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Hold on here, both of those are near and dear to my heart. By definition Rainbow is not a cult, simply because we lack leaders. It's fun, but you need to like camping and be prepared to do so. There were a few folks at dead shows who put the lead guitarist on a pedestal(Jerry Garcia), but they were a sub -group minority. I should know I went to 192 of their concerts. Sorry you never liked their music, perhaps you met some people that were TOO into, thus turning you off. I have fond memories of it all, but in honesty, because I went to so many, I did get bored. Thus, I embraced the sub -culture, selling LSD and pot, living a wealthy circus life. By the time I was 24 , I used to say"I don't follow the Grateful Dead, I follow the girls that follow the GD" I might still be in Texas or New Orleans had I got busted down there. In some of those states, Pot wasn't a crime, it was a sin. Once in a while I listen to a little, not much, I really did over-exposure in the past. I still do Rainbow because I like camping with hippies.

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