I'm glad someone checked it out, Aunt Bea
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12/04/2016, 18:18:58
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Could you imagine a Maharaji cult with hedonistic premies like the Juggalos?  If only we really went wild back in 75 or 76 and if only Maharaji didn't drag us through the super devotional phase that ended with the ashrams closing.  We could...

No, premies just seemed to sensible for the most part.

We really got off easy with Maharaji's cult.  I mean, we could be dead like Jonestown.  But, maybe we were blessed by some people at the top who kept it under control.  And I think since Maharaji's gigantic lifestyle required a lot of money to keep running they needed a more stable population of devotees.

They must have some smart guys running things at the top.  And I suspect big donors and that stock he got from the whomever family helped a whole lot.

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