There's so many documentaries on cults.
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12/03/2016, 19:55:08
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I think I might become an American Juggalo.  I tell you these people are dedicated followers.  It makes our cult activity with Maharaji a walk in the park.

You'll actually have to sign in to YouTube to watch this because it's rather adventurous, shall I say.  I watched it on my Roku box and I didn't have to sign in, but they know who I am...

Do you remember the personal questionnaire we filled out as premies?  Did they snatch people away who had specific skills that they needed?  Funny, I never got called up.  Darn.

Dang it, the link didn't come through.  Time to hand stitch the html...

And it's only 23 minutes long.

American Juggalo

Yeah, it looks like you need a Google account or something to login to.  Anyway, these people are worth a visit at WikiPedia.  Except the interviews with the Juggalos is too precious to miss.

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