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12/02/2016, 19:09:31
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I joined about 5 or 6 years ago. I had some fun tracking down people from my past, but once I realized how incompatable they were. I dumped 'em. Generally due to religions or too much misplaced patriotism . I was friends with Jim for a couple days too. Once him and his other friends ganged up on me for pointing out my own rough experiences with other religions, I was out of there. I'll be facebook friends with any of you folks. I have long white hair, holding a little 1/2 Jamaican boy in the forest a few months ago. My name is fairly unique, common Irish first name and common Polish 2nd. When I joined on here I was a little paranoid about my PWK employers/friends finding out, thus chose a  fake name related to my 28 year old son, and best friend August. I use my real name on FB, and it is Kevin Matysiak. I have nothing to hide. My Pwk buddies relish my enthusiasm towards trying to escape. I see cracks. It's all about money. My one old UK , now Canadian buddy, seriously doesn't have much after his living expenses, from his pension to go anywhere. I think this recent Amaroo was his last big hurrah, sadly sacrificing much needed dental work. I really need to slow down now on my "constructive criticism"  It's starting to almost seem cruel, certainly redundant to campaign against a warm bodied, good hearted brick wall. I hope I'm right in some way, and Rawat will come up short on peoples wills.

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