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11/25/2016, 22:13:41
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Today when I went to visit my best friends, a PWK couple that recently retired from running a small vegetarian, organic cafe that I worked at a lot off and on for 20 years, I felt a glimmer of hope. My best friend had just returned from a board meeting with Meals on wheels, a delivery service for the elderly. I overheard tell someone, after being asked,"what will you do upon retirement" She answered "probably volunteer work" I rolled my eyes at the time, thinking I knew what that meant. The same trap she's been doing her whole life. She Did the Astrodome thingy. I was pleasantly surprised to find she went to the meeting to simply put in a word in about maybe evolving to a healthier menu for the recipients. I know her well enough that I truly believe there is no ulterior motive(I.E> Malibu) to her involvement. This makes me happy. I also am smart enough to not say anything. I think it's a gesture to do good for the community, and quietly help, w/o exposure.  Just be a secular, normal human which she truly is. She got in early. She described her first contact, a park in London, where she heard about a kid who came to"save the world"  When I pressed him more, recently, she said she was suicidal at the time.  Perhaps she said that to shut me up, with so much time invested it would be tough to exit. this new thing feels good.
 A way to crawl out. Thoughts?

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