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11/24/2016, 05:40:33
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Interesting article Steve and thanks for posting it. I'm kind of ashamed and also at the same time glad to be able to say that I partook in all these spiritually communicated diseases at different moments in my life. I also helped spread them. More to the point I find I am still subject to them if I don't watch myself. The basis of all of them seems to be rooted in vanity. 
Even profound moments of humility, because they could not be sustained, caused the activation of this almost primal nerve. Very insidious and hard to spot, because the whole world operates on it to various degrees. 
I looked deeply into this lately and saw that even greed is a vanity,all the wrong in this world has a core of vanity, in fact it is the downfall of the human race. The parable of Lucifer's fall comes to mind. In english there is that saying when something is 'in vain'. 
I look around at all our striving as individuals and as nations and that is the majority of what I see. Prem has a mega dose. I would like to sing 'you're so vain' to him one time! but this list in the article you posted, as well as candid observations of myself make me realise that although I'm not 'as bad' as he is I'm not exempt from the illusions of false pride

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