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11/16/2016, 22:45:14
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Interesting phenomenon, I know one here who had some sort of intervention too. A sweet woman, the last time I saw her she claimed to be quite content to have her money go to Rawat. I guess I would call her naive, and another example is when I went along with them all to a program at the Shrine in LA, she wanted to help the zillions of homeless Junkies, and we had to pull her away. She seems to be amongst the several here who perhaps have personality conflicts and thus drops off envelopes of cash for whatever the "community" is raising funds for. I checked and that new film is not yet available here, though I do have Netflix. It seems like Ted Patrick is another interventionist, similar to trying to get loved ones off drugs or booze. I certainly see the similarities of Christians spending their whole life preaching about the imminent return of Jesus to those who overlook the massive wealth of Rawat while still waiting for the world peace.

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