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11/16/2016, 13:58:10
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Her name was Emily Deitz and here is the page on EPO that has a Washington Post article about the whole situation.

When I lived in Hartford, CT premie community, in 1976 Ted Patrick and gang kidnapped a much loved premie woman. She was able to be legally brought back to Hartford from Philadelphia (where her parents lived) but was kidnapped again, and she never came back nor was heard from again.

While I was living at the Broadripple ashram on Collins Ave., Miami Beach, an instructor was kidnapped by Patrick but after a day or so she pretended to agree to go back to her parents (pretending to be deprogrammed), then she tricked the Patrick thugs into taking her to her Broadripple room where she told them to fuck off, and was protected by some ashram brothers who escorted the thugs off the hotel property. I wasn't present for these events because I was working at DECA so I spent little time at the Broadripple ashram. The premie grapevine thrives.

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