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11/11/2016, 08:09:59
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I'm not sure what you're saying is deleted. The Prem Rawat article remains as it has been for many months. What you posted is the "Bibliography of Prem Rawat and Related Organizations," which was created to put all the references in one place for ease of use by editors.

Not all of those references remain in the main Prem Rawat article, however, because of previous arguments that have taken place over many years. The changes made to the bibliography and the main article are by "bots" that circulate through Wikipedia to correct links that are broken and to clean up page style issues.

I watch the Rawat articles and have done so since the Rawat article was first written. Nobody is allowed to delete any Wiki article without going through a process. In fact, because the Rawat article is so controversial, no one is allowed to edit the article to change content, without first proposing a change on its talk page.

Hope this helps.

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