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I mentioned in a previous post if you click on a little blue dot on pr's wiki page you can see what has been is the list of links he would prefer we didn't look at...

Bibliography of Prem Rawat and related organizations lists bibliographical material regarding Prem Rawat and organizations like Divine Light Mission,[1] Elan Vital and The Prem Rawat Foundation.

  • Except in verbatim quotations (of titles etc.) Prem Rawat is always listed under that name in the columns below, whatever the dominant alternative name (Guru Maharaj Ji, Maharaji,...) at the time of the publication.
  • Click Sort both.gif icon to sort table according to entries in the column under it.
Author(s)DateTypeTitlePublished in/byPlaceOther specifics
Rawat, Prem1970-11-08Public addressPeace Bomb satsangAnd It Is Divine (transcript: 1972)
The Golden Age (transcript: 1978)
India, Delhi (Hindi)
U.S. (1972)
Australia (1978)
1970-11-09Article (newspaper)Hindustan TimesIndia[6]
1970-11-10Article (newspaper)Navbharat TimesIndia (Hindi)[7]
1970Book (part)Guinness Book of World RecordsSterling PublishingU.S.[8]
1971-06-17Article (newspaper)Hallelujah! The mini Guru, aged 13, comethEvening StandardUK, London[9]
1971-06-18Article (newspaper)Worshippers greet the boy guru 'straight from Heaven'Daily MirrorUK, Londonp. 12[10]
Rawat, Prem1971-06Public addressGlastonbury Festival addressGlastonbury Fayre (footage: 1972)UK, Glastonbury
UK (footage)
1971-08-02Article (magazine)Boy GuruNewsweekU.S.p. 72[15]
Allen, Henry1971-09-14Article (newspaper)Pretty Far-Out Little DudeThe Washington PostU.S., Washington, D.C.p. B1[16]
Rawat, Prem1971-09-17Public addressColorado SatsangWho Is Guru Maharaj Ji? (transcript: 1973)U.S., Colorado[17]
1970sMagazineDivine TimesDivine Light MissionU.S.[18]
1970s(–)PeriodicalThe Divine TimesDivine Light MissionUK[19][20]
Rawat, Prem1972BookReflections on an Indian SunriseDivine Light Mission[21][22]
Ashokanand (mahatma)
Sandoz, Jaques (directors)
1972Film (documentary)Satguru Has ComeShri Hans Films[4][23]
1972-10-23Article (newspaper)Pilgrims jet to see Divine LightThe TimesUK, Londonp. 12[20]
1972-11-09Article (newspaper)Guru's 'Bank' SeizedLos Angeles Times (Reuters)U.S., Los Angelesp. A15[24]
1972-11-19Article (newspaper)India investigates guru's financesThe Times (AP)UK, Londonp. 8[25]
1972-11-27Article (magazine)Junior GuruTIMEU.S.[26]
Daniel, Leon1972-12-10Article (newspaper)15-Year-Old Hottest Star of Guru CircuitLos Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. C8[27]
1970sMagazineAnd It Is DivineShri Hans Productions
Divine Light Mission
Blue Aquarius
(Bhole Ji et al.)
1973Album (music)Blue AquariusStax: Gospel Truth SeriesU.S.GTS-2725[29]
1973-02-03Article (newspaper)Guru's Pupil Slates TalkSyracuse Post-StandardU.S.p. 3[30]
Rawat, Prem1973-04-01Article (magazine)
DUO proclamation and satsangDivine Times Vol. II No. 6 by Shri Hans Productions (DLM)
(film Shri Hans Films
U.S., Denver, Colorado[31]
MagazineDivine Light NewsDivine Light MissionAustraliaVol. I, Nos. 1-3[32]
1973-08-08Article (newspaper)Guru Gets Testimonial And Some Pie in FaceNew York TimesU.S., New Yorkp. 43[33]
1973-08-08Article (newspaper)15-Year Old Guru Slapped in Face by Shaving Cream PieLos Angeles Times (UPI)U.S., Los Angelesp. 2[34]
1973-08-08Article (newspaper)Guru Set For Honor, Gets Pie In FaceIndependent
Press-Telegram (UPI)
U.S., Long Beach, Californiap. A-6[35]
1973-09-03Article (newspaper)Guru Maharaj Ji: UlcerThe Washington PostU.S., Washington, D.C.p. B7[36]
1973-09-04Article (newspaper)The 'Perfect Master' from India has an ulcerStars and Stripes (AP)U.S.p. 6[37]
Carter, Malcolm N.1973-09-23Article (newspaper)Guru Keeps Track Of Subjects With ComputerGreat Bend Tribune (AP)U.S., Kansasp. 11[38]
Milner, Bart1973-09-23Article (newspaper)Casting some shadows on the movement of Divine LightThe TimesUK, London[39]
1973FilmWho Is Guru Maharaj JiShri Hans ProductionsU.S.[40]
Cameron, Charles
Davis, Rennie
Rawat, Prem
et al.
1973-11BookWho Is Guru Maharaj Ji?Bantam BooksU.S.[23]
Rawat, Prem
Griffin, Merv
1973-11-28TV show (interview)The Merv Griffin ShowU.S.[41]
Morgan, Ted1973-12-09ArticleOz in the Astrodome: Middle-class premies find GuruThe New York Times MagazineU.S., New YorkSection 6, pp. 37–39, 84, 86, 88, 90, 92, 94, 96, 104[42]
Du Plessix Gray, Francine
Kelley, Ken
1973-12-13Article (magazine)Blissing out in Houston (du Plessix Gray)
Blackjack Love (Kelley)
The New York Review of Books Vol. 20 No. 20U.S., New Yorkpp. 36–43[43]
Winder, Gail
Horowitz, Carol
1973-12Article (magazine)What's Behind the 15-Year-Old Guru Maharaj Ji?The Realist No. 97-CU.S., San Francisco, Californiapp. 1–5[44]
Latimer, Dean1974-01Article (magazine)Who is Guru Maharaj Ji and why is he saying all these terrible things about God?Penthouse Vol. 5 No. 5U.S.pp. 65–66[45]
Kelley, Ken1974-01-19Article (newspaper)Get Your Red-Hot Panaceas!New York TimesU.S., New Yorkp. 31[46]
Du Plessix Gray, Francine
Kelley, Ken
Apter, Joan
et al.
1974-01-24Article (magazine)Knowledge of the Guru, replies to Joan Apter and to Nicholas B. Dirks, Charles R. D. Lindley, Leela A. WoodThe New York Review of Books Vol. 20 Nos. 21 & 22U.S., New York[47]
Kelley, Ken1974-02Article (magazine)Over the hill at 16Ramparts No. 12U.S.pp. 40–44[48]
Goldsmith, Paul
Traum, Artie
1974-02Article (magazine)Bliss and Bones in the AstrodomeCrawdaddyU.S.pp. 62–65[49]
Adler, Dick1974-02-23Article (newspaper)TV Review: Videotape Explorers on Trail of a GuruLos Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. B2[50]
Shamberg, Michael (dir.)
Rawat, Prem
Davis, Rennie
et al.
1974-02-24Film (documentary)Lord of the UniverseTop Value TelevisionU.S.[51]
O'Connor, John J.1974-02-25Article (newspaper)TV: Meditating on Young Guru and His Followers: Maharaj Ji Is Focus of P.B.S. Documentary: Astrodome Gathering Yields Splendid ShowNew York TimesU.S., New Yorkp. 53[52]
Kelley, Ken1974-03Article (magazine)An East Indian Teen-Ager Says He Is GodVogueU.S.[53]
Elman, Richard1974-03Article (magazine)Godhead Hi-Jinx: Starring the Guru Maharaj JiCreemU.S.p. 37-39[12]
MagazineThe Golden AgeDivine Light Mission
Duo Productions
AustraliaVol. 1-55[54]
Levine, Richard1974-03-14Article (magazine)When The Lord of All The Universe Played Houston: Many are called but few show upRolling Stone No. 156U.S.pp. 36–50[55]
Gortner, Marjoe1974-05Article (magazine)Who Was Guru Maharaj Ji? Just think of him as a spare tireOuiU.S.pp. 90–133[56]
Scheer, Robert1974-06Article (magazine)Death of the Salesman: for rennie davis (model high school student, antiwar spokesman and chief proselytizer for guru maharaj ji) the media always meant the messagePlayboyU.S.pp. 107–108, 112, 236, 238-240[57]
Kelley, Ken1974-07Article (magazine)I See The Light: In which a young journalist pushes a cream pie into the face of His Divine Fatness and gets his skull cracked open by two disciplesPenthouseU.S.pp. 98–100, 137-138, 146, 148, 150-151[58]
Baxter, Ernie1974-08Article (magazine)The multi-million dollar religion ripoffArgosy No. 380U.S.pp. 72, 77-81[59]
Dart, John1974-11-27Article (newspaper)Maharaj Ji Buys $400,000 Home Base in Malibu AreaLos Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. B2[60]
1974Entry in encyclopedic resourceCurrent Biography Yearbook: 1974, entry: "Maharaj Ji, Guru"H. W. Wilson CompanyU.S.p. 254 ff.[61]
Frazier, Deborah1975-03-23Article (newspaper)Growing Pile of Unpaid Bills Beneath Guru's Spiritual BlissSunday Journal and Star (UPI)U.S., Lincoln, Nebraskap. 11A[62]
1975-03-24Article (newspaper)Riches Called Goal of Divine LightWinnipeg Free Press (CP)U.S.[63]
1975-04-01Article (newspaper)Mother Ousts Young Guru as PlayboyLos Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. 2[64]
Belkind, Myron L.1975-04-02Article (newspaper)Guru's mother rejects him as religion chiefIndependent
Press-Telegram (AP)
U.S., Long Beachp. 9[65]
1975-04-09Article (newspaper)Guru Tries to Take Control of MissionRuston Daily LeaderU.S.[66]
1975-04-18Article (newspaper)Court Halts Heiress' Money Gift To GuruCharleston Daily Mail (API)U.S.[67]
Frazier, Deborah1975-07-14Article (newspaper)Guru Maharaj Ji: Pizza, Sports Cars and Millions of FollowersMansfield News Journal (UPI)U.S.[68]
Rawat, Prem
et al.
1975BookThe Sayings of Guru Maharaj JiDivine United Organization
Shri Sant Yogashram, Hans Marg
India, New DelhiSeveral volumes[69]
1976-02-20Article (newspaper)Maharaj Ji Wins Fight For MissionThe Washington PostU.S., Washington, D.C.p. C7


Cornell, George W.1976-03-05Article (newspaper)Group Led by Teen Guru Toning Down Eastern StyleAlbuquerque JournalU.S.[71]
1976-03-06Article (newspaper)Spiritual group's claims, practices are changingEvening Capital (AP)U.S.[72]
Brown, Mick1976-04-17Article (magazine)Perfect Master and unholy squabbles: The Guru comes of ageStreet LifeUKpp. 18–19[13]
Mishler, Bob
Frazier, Deborah (UPI: interviewer)
1976-05Interview (magazine)Part of the mainstreamThe Golden Age No. 29Australiap. 8 ff.[73]
Thurmond, Strom(U.S. Congresssenator)1976-07-20US Congressional RecordPrem Rawat's Inspirational Message to the United States Citizen's CongressUS CongressU.S., Washington, D.C.[74]
Messer, Jeanne1976Essay in bookGuru Maharaj Ji and the Divine Light MissionThe New Religious Consciousness by Charles Y. Glock and Robert N. Bellah (eds.), University of California PressU.S., Berkeley, Californiapp. 52–72[75][76]
1977–1980sMagazine (quarterly)Élan VitalDivine Light MissionU.S.ISSN 0195-2145[77]
1977-10-19Article (newspaper)Guru Maharaj Ji becomes a citizen of the U.S.Rocky Mountain NewsU.S., Denver, Colorado[78]
Como, Don (dir.)
Davis, Rennie
Rawat, Prem
et al.
1977Film (part)Aliens from Spaceship EarthU.S.[79]
Stoner, Carroll
Parke, Jo Anne
1977Book (part)All Gods Children: The Cult Experience - Salvation Or Slavery?ChiltonU.S.ISBN 0-8019-6620-5[80]
Foss, Daniel A.
Larkin, Ralph W.
1978Essay in periodicalWorshiping the Absurd: The Negation of Social Causality among the Followers of Guru Maharaj JiSociological Analysis Vol. 39 No. 2 by Association for the Sociology of ReligionU.S.DOI 10.2307/3710215, pp. 157-164[81]
Rawat, Prem1978BookThe Living Master: quotes from Guru Maharaj JiDivine Light MissionU.S., Denver[22][82]
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Book (part)Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: A Handbook for Chaplains
Army Pamphlet 165-13
U.S. Department of the Army
Kirchner Associates
(2001 The Minerva Group
U.S.(2001 ISBN 0-89875-607-3p. II-5 ff.[1]
Forster, Mark1979-01-12Article (newspaper)Firm Loyalty: Guru's Sect: Misgivings in Malibu
Malibu Guru Maintains Following Despite Rising Mistrust of Cults
Los Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. A1, 3,...[85]
Mishler, Bob
Tesler, Gary
et al.
1979-02-12Interview (radio)Bob Mishler Radio InterviewKOA radio stationU.S., Denver, Colorado[86][87]
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Buckley, P.
1979Essay in periodicalMystical Experience, spiritual knowledge, and a contemporary ecstatic religionBritish Journal of Medical Psychology No. 52UKpp. 281– 289[93]
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Rudin, James A.
Rudin, Marcia R.
1980-06Book (part)Prison or Paradise?: The New Religious CultsFortress PressU.S., PhiladelphiaISBN 0-8006-0637-X
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references: pp. 218–220
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1981-05-22Article (newspaper)1-Year Trial OKd for Sect's HelipadLos Angeles TimesU.S., Los Angelesp. F6[103]
Godfrey (justice)1981-10-19Court decisionDotter v. Maine Employment Sec. CommissionSupreme Judicial Court of MaineU.S., MaineCase 435 A.2d 1368[104]
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Haworth Press
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Digital library for Dutch literature
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et al.
2003–TV seriesWords of PeaceSouth America
North America
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2003Essay"Premies" Complain to Google of "" siteChilling EffectsU.S.[138]
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et al.
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2004-11-29Press releaseWords of Peace by Prem Rawat receives TV Award in Press Room by The Prem Rawat FoundationU.S.[156]
Rawat, Prem
Wolf, Burt(interviewer)
2005Interview (DVD)Inner Journey: A Spirited Conversation About Self-discoveryThe Prem Rawat FoundationU.S.OCLC 85767576
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Rawat, Prem2005-05-17Public AddressMaharaji at Thamamssat UniversityWikisource (transcript: 2006)Thailand, Bangkok[158]
2005-06-30Article (newspaper)US names June 16 after Indian.Times of IndiaIndia[159]
2006Web pageAbout UsRaj Vidya KenderIndia[160]
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Rawat, Prem
et al.
2007-06-01Public addressPrem Rawat at Guildhall, LondonThe Prem Rawat Foundation (DVD release)UK, London[166]
Rossiter, Joe2007-11-25Article (newspaper)Patrick Halley: Outgoing reporter lived colorful lifeDetroit Free PressU.S., Detroit[167]
Mendick, Robert2007-11-30
Article (newspaper)Guru followers asked to target Gandhi partyEvening Standard
Gulf Times
UK, London
Qatar, Doha
Rawat, Prem
Robles, Marta (interviewer)
2007Interview (DVD)Journey Within: a conversation between journalist Marta Robles and Prem Rawat, Barcelona, SpainThe Prem Rawat Foundation[169]
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ISBN 978-1-4392-4504-0

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