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11/06/2016, 09:29:46
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What struck me as bizarre was how we were all imbued with instant expertise...to blather on with complete authority to new-comers in public satsang...sometimes only days after receiving Special K.

It reminds me of war stories in which the officers are gunned down early in a skirmish and suddenly the privates are promoted to lieutenant and on up. "Just keep throwing more foot soldiers into the cause and maybe we will prevail".

Spiritual Gallipoli was more like it. We unwittingly became pawns in the wave of pseudo-enlightenment that swept across the globe in the 70's. All mindlessly disseminated from the top ranks and prophetic (pathetic) leaders.

You know why propagation always felt weird ? Because it WAS weird !

Jai Satch and Hail to the Chief....

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