Shame on Premlata Rawat-Hudson!!!
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02/27/2010, 15:44:17
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could easily be scolded for criticizing the notion of one of Maharaji's
daughters speaking on behalf of her father after all, he is her

You'll get no scolding from me on this. "Wadie Sue" is not speaking on behalf of her father, it's a fundraising event most likely. And Premlata Rawat-Hudson is now pimping out her newborn baby just like her parents pimped her and siblings out in the 70s. So it's now a generational double-pimp-job. What a disgrace!

I take back my congratulations to her in light of Premlata Rawat-Hudson's further exploitation her father's devotees, and worse, for exposing her newborn child to strangers to do it! Like I always say, some people should not be allowed to breed.

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